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Is It Time For Christians To Embrace The Benedict Option? (the Federalist)

March 23, 2017

  1. Btw, we can NEVER forget Jesus was/is Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah and King of the Jews! We Gentiles surely NEVER supersede or replace National Israel and their Covenant Promises of God, we come into their spiritual blessings, but again NEVER supersede them! Note Eph. 2: 12, etc.

  2. TBO would be prohibitively difficult to actually implement in today’s world even if one were to guy the reasoning,

    Thought of you

    *Btw, “Thought of you”? Not sure how I fit into this? I am no longer a Roman Catholic, and for many years! Though I am surely NO classic type modern Calvinist for sure!

    • Indeed, the world of modernity and postmodernity is simply NOT conducive to much true biblical belief at all! We live in an age morally closer to the old Roman Corinth and the Corinthians, and with modernity/postmodernity perhaps even worse?

      • “…modernity/postmodernity…”

        Talk about those a little more when you get a chance please. I’m asking for a reason.

        *Well modernity & postmodernity speak for themselves, and modernity has been around for years, going back somewhat to the 18th Century Enlightenment. And a study of today’s “pomo”.. Postmodernism, is so necessary today also! It has been a very “subjective” shift, even a “paradigm shift” and affair, that undermines the language of western metaphysics, i.e. deconstruction, which came with Martin Heidegger! (UGH!) The West no longer thinks with absolutes!

        *And btw too, there is a great need to rediscover Greek and Western Philosophy in the Church today, to some degree this was part of the worldview of the NT itself, especially with the Greco-Roman Jew: Saul-Paul, who simply wrote most of the NT Letters! (Gal. 4: 4-5, etc.)

        Finally, the REASON for modernity & postmodernity is simply the Adamic Sinfulness of Man/Humanity! WE really are moving toward the Eschatological End! And how can humanity survive the 21st Century? Only with the literal Second Coming of Jesus Christ, His Lordship and Glory! (Hebrews 9: 26-28) ~ And Modern-National Israel is surely the key to the time and end of this world-age & creation! (Zech. 13: 8-9 ; chap. 14)

        It’s not rocket-science folks, but God, godliness and redemption, ‘In Christ’! (Fr. R.)

      • Btw Greg, just what is your eschatological position? It appears you do not engage much here on this subject? I would hope that you believe in some aspect of a Zionist position, i.e. Modern and National Israel!

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