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The NKJV Prophecy Study Bible (2015), John Hagee General Editor.

April 12, 2017

This Bible first came out in 1997 as the Prophecy Study Bible… I have just recently been given the so-called New 2015 version (I had the previous 97 version), with of course the NKJV version. It is basically a Thomas Nelson product, and I believe it is generally very good! I would recommend its use for the Biblical believing student, who values the Prophetic Truth of the Bible, and believes in National and Modern Israel, and the full verity and truth of the Holy Scripture! READ IT and use it!  ~ Fr. R.   🙂

  1. “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” (Rev. 19: 10, NKJV)

    *Btw, it is no secret that I like and give away the NKJV Version and Bible for new believers and biblical readers! It’s cadence & beauty, hold the value of the old KJV, and it is easy for Biblical memory and memorization! (But, I am NOT a KJV Only guy!) But I do love the NKJV for sure!

  2. Colin permalink

    I had heard well of the NKJV so some 7+ years ago bought a copy. My own is small and fits neatly in the larger pockets of my anoraks. Very convenient on landscape walks etc. So it has been what I took to Israel in 2015 and my visits to Lee Abbey in Devon (the most recent being 2 weekends ago), and any other scenario where I want to minimise weight/bulk.

    Yes it reads more easily than the original yet holds the rhythms and cadences. I later found out that my younger brother, the Baptist Minister, is very partial to it.

    On a different note, I now have an ESV study Bible – bought it for my Kindle for not very much! In all this the NIV has remained my most frequent read – influenced in part by the fact we have it in our pews.

  3. Colin: Yes, the NKJV is a sweet read, i.e. for just Bible Reading, and it is sort of a revised KJV, which of course follows the T.R. I have just about every modern English Translation worth its salt! But, I too have the ESV Study Bible (Black Cowhide), it is perhaps my favorite Study Bible. But, I have surely grown to love actually the NIV (2011) Translation and Study Bible also. In places the NIV’11, especially in the Letter of Romans is just a combination of both the dynamic and the literal translation to some degree. But of course for literal the older RV (1880’s) and the American Standard (1901), with the first NASB (1960, etc.), and today’s NASB Update (1995) are of course better in the strict sense of literal. The NASB Update (1995) is my personal favorite English Bible Translation! The ESV is seen as a revision of the RSV, and it is generally very good also.

    *Right now I believe the NKJV Prophecy Study Bible, by Nelson, is perhaps the best updated Prophecy Study Bible today! But, it does not come in leather sadly. But I also like and use E.W. Bullinger’s Companion Bible KJV, which does come in Genuine Leather. For Greek Word study it is excellent! And generally in the notes, Bullinger follows the RV Greek Text, over the T.R. of course. Though of course too I cannot follow Bullinger’s heavy Dispensationalism, but even there he does have some choice spots in places. But of course I still use and like Scofield’s early Study Bible! The early and first editors were all just good and sound men in my opinion. But nothing is perfect!

    • Btw, though I am surely a Gentile Christian, I am solidly a general Zionist type Christian, especially as to the Prophetic! National and Modern Israel have been given the Covenant/covenants of God! We Gentiles only come into their blessings, and Jesus/Yeshua is forever the Jewish Messiah, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lord’s! …HE is the Lord of “Glory”!

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