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Why I Blog…

April 25, 2017

Someone wrote me recently and asked me why I blog? And my answer was easy, I am a Christian pastor & teacher, and my desire is to help the Body of Christ in its sojourn as pilgrims, and help them in their “Biblicism” ‘In Christ’! Btw, no Bible reading and belief? Then no “Christ Jesus”, just that simple for me! And the major reason I quote Holy Scripture daily (and sometimes interpret) is to combat biblical illiteracy! Indeed read the Word of God, i.e. Holy Scripture ‘Body of Christ’!   🙂

Fr. Robert … To God Be The Glory!

One Comment
  1. ‘Here Christ would indicate the principal reason why the Scripture was given by God. Men are to study and search in it and to learn that He, Mary’s Son, is the one who is able to give eternal life to all who come to Him and believe in Him. Therefore, he who would correctly and profitably read Scripture should see to it that he finds Christ in it; then he finds life eternal without fail. On the other hand, if I do not so study and understand Moses and the prophets as to find that Christ came from heaven for the sake of my salvation, became man, suffered, died, was buried, rose, and ascended into heaven so that through Him I enjoy reconciliation with God, forgiveness of all my sins, grace, righteousness, and life eternal, then my reading in Scripture is of no help whatsoever to my salvation. I may, of course, become a learned man by reading and studying Scripture and preach what I have acquired; yet all this would do me no good whatever.’
    (Luther’s Works, 51, 4)

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