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Another Voltaire Quote (Voltaire, was NOT a strict Atheist, but a Deist. But he HATED Judeo-Christianity, and revealed so-called religion.)

April 28, 2017

‘Atheism is a very pernicious monster in those who govern; that it is also pernicious in the persons around statesmen, although their lives may be innocent, because from their cabinets it may pierce right to the statesmen themselves; that if it is not so deadly as fanaticism, it is nearly always fatal to virtue….Some geometers who are not philosophers have rejected final causes, but real philosophers admit them; a catechist proclaims God to the children, and Newton demonstrates Him to the learned.’–Voltaire (1764) The Philosophical Dictionary, Atheism.

*In some ways Voltaire was an early father of our so-called enlightened modernity & postmodernity!  But as I have stated, modernity and modern so-called humanity will surely fail in the end!  Also see Spinoza here!

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