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Ariel Ministries (Arnold Fruchtenbaum)

April 29, 2017

*Note, As I have said, I share and agree with much here, but I am not Pre-Trib, but Post-Trib on the Rapture, 2 Thess 2: 1. And I am also close to much of the Progressive Dispensational, but a certain Dispensationalist, 1 Cor. 10: 32.

And I am something of a classic/historical Creedal Christian as an Anglican, and a Neo-Calvinist on salvation, though a certain Historic Premillennialist. And I am of course Pro-National Israel, and even something of a Zionist type Christian, though I am always a Gentile Christian.

  1. Generally this is a very good statement of doctrinal faith, especially for today in the 21st century!

    *See btw my point about the Godhead and the Trinity of God, in the longer Ariel Statement. (There is some doctrinal weakness here in my opinion. See the historical Nicene Creed here!)

  2. Strangely however, the EO (as too Rome and Catholicism) condemned Chiliasm (at the Council of Nicea) – a literal 1000 years of Christ on earth after His Second Coming. Misunderstanding no doubt “whose kingdom will have no end”. This loss has been profound in the history of Christendom, but with the Reformation, and later with the Evangelical Revival Historical Premillennialism was revived.

    • The point here also is that even the Historical Church has misunderstood their own great Historical Creeds! As I have said over and over the Visible Church is a Church of fallible sinful beings, with absolutely NO infallibility! Our standard and revelation is alone the Word of God! The true church is always subject to God’s Reforming nature of the Holy Scripture!

      *And note, I am myself a Churchmen, and believer in the Visible Church! Which is always itself a Judeo-Christian reality. And both the Old and the New Covenant run together in a progressive Revelation! Given “to the Jew first, and also to the Greek (Gentile).” (Romans 1: 16, noting too verse 17, “from faith to faith” as it is written, ‘The just shall live by faith.’

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