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The John Wesley Center

April 30, 2017

WE looked at The Book of Concord and the Augsburg Confession of Faith, i.e. Luther to degree and Lutheranism. Now let’s look at the Wesley’s, John and Charles (who were surely something of Evangelical type Anglicans), and were also very much affected by Luther! Often Charles does not get his due, since he is seen as just the Hymn writer of the Wesleyan and Methodist movement. But he is his own man in the Evangelical renewal of Anglicanism in his day.  If we lost our Bible’s his hymns would surely serve us well biblically!  And myself of course (as an Anglican) I really love the Wesley brothers as Evangelical Anglicans to some degree.

*Of course I am NO Arminian myself, and both the Wesley brothers were affected by both Luther and even Calvin, though of course not in Election & Predestination with the latter. But they did both stand close to Calvin with the doctrine of Justification by Faith!

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