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Re-Post: Lutheran & Catholic

May 5, 2017

‘Lutheran & Catholic’ (Quote)
February 27, 2012

‘The more recent concept of “Catholicism” as an antonym of “Protestantism” is a typical product of Reformed thought. The Lutheran Church… does not know to which side it belongs. For there are heresies in Protestantism which are just as dangerous as those of Catholicism. Lutheran theology differs from Reformed theology in that it lays great emphasis on the fact that the evangelical church is none other than the medieval Catholic Church purged of certain heresies and abuses. The Lutheran theologian acknowledges that he belongs to the same visible church to which Thomas Aquinas and Bernard of Clairvaux, Augustine and Tertullian, Athanasius and Ireneaus once belonged. The orthodox evangelical church is the legitimate continuation of the medieval Catholic Church, not the church of the Council of Trent and the Vatican Council which renounced evangelical truth when it rejected the Reformation.
For the orthodox evangelical church is really identical with the orthodox Catholic Church of all times. And just as the very nature of the Reformed Church emphasizes its strong opposition to the medieval church, so the very nature of the Lutheran Church requires it to go to the farthest possible limit in its insistence on its solidarity and identity with the Catholic Church.’

From Sasse, H. (1979, original 1938). Here We Stand. Adelaide, South Australia: Lutheran Publishing House. pp. 110-111. Emphasis added

*I still generally agree with this statement!  The true Church is always catholic, and really apostolic, i.e. biblical and revelational bound. Which of course means it is constantly being Reformed and lead by the Word of God!  Though of course too, it is always a Pilgrim Church, and humanly fallible!

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