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Iranian Poster on Israel Border: ‘We Are Coming’

July 4, 2017

Let us not forget what is the desire of so many that hate Modern Israel and the Holy Land, and the Jews, especially on this great day of American Independence!  Scripture is very plain to show that in the End of Days (i.e. the Eschatological End) Israel will be attacked almost on every side, and only in the Visible-Second-Coming of Christ will Israel and the Holy Land be saved and redeemed: Zechariah 12: 8-9-10-11 ; 13: 8-9 ; chap. 14!

Come Lord Jesus! (Rev. 22: 20)

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  1. Btw, and another great question remains? What will become of America, and the so-called Free West, Britain, etc. Note North Korea, China, etc. Not to mention Russia! The Eschatological Map only deepens!

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