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Why Are There Differences in the Gospel (or better “Gospels”)… Michael Licona.

July 4, 2017

*This piece from an interview with the theologian Michael Licona should be read of course “theologically”. I have read Licona, especially on the Resurrection.. and generally like him, though this does NOT mean I always agree with him. So read him biblically & theologically, but realize too he has feet of clay, like all human theolog’s.

  1. In the end, the Biblical Revelation is GOD’s.. and it is HIS own presupposition, even when we cannot fully understand GOD’s logic, for He often transcends HIS own logic, though never to deny Himself somehow therein. God is never just a logician, even when He uses logic.

    • And btw, I surely agree with Licona here… “Where I differ is, I place a priority on genre over harmonization. So, before seeking to harmonize Gospel texts, one should read the Gospels in view of their biographical genre, which includes their authors’ use of the various compositional devices commonly used when writing history and biography.”

      • Indeed we so-called “moderns” must realize that God is the God of history & revelation, but He transcends history, and is NOT a historian per se in our sense. Biblical Genre! 🙂

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