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Stand With Israel, today, Rev. Mike Evans.

July 8, 2017

Dear Rev. Robert,
Without any question, the most important political and prophetic issue of our day is: what should we do regarding the nation of Israel? It is a crucial question that each of us faces. It is a crucial issue in capitals and boardrooms and churches and homes across the globe. It is the great and vital choice that faces you and me today. God is looking for people who will stand with and for Israel in 2017.
Governments around the world are turning against the Jewish state and putting themselves and their people on a pathway to judgment and destruction. I wrote Stand with Israel to open the pages of Scripture and unveil the truth behind the news that makes the headlines. I believe every friend of Israel needs to read this book and share this crucial truth with others.
Chapters include:
Israel Is God’s Dream
Jerusalem’s Spiritual Significance
God Abhors Anti-Semitism
Comfort Israel
God’s Gifts and Call to Israel Have Not Been Revoked
The Value of Intercessors
and many more
Get your copy of Stand with Israel today with your gift of $20 or more (was $30) to support the work of the Jerusalem Prayer Team to bless, encourage, and defend God’s Chosen People in this prophetic moment.
Your ambassador to Jerusalem,


Mike Evans
Get Your Book Here Today

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PO BOX 30246
Phoenix, AZ 85046


  1. Btw, I don’t always agree with every piece Rev. Mike Evans writes, but I surely do agree with his basic support of Modern and National Israel! The End of the Age and world as we know it will be centered around Israel for sure! (Zech. chap. 14 / Rev. 1: 7) Jesus is still the Messiah of Israel!

  2. Btw, I got a real negative on this piece (which I did not moderate) from an Eastern Orthodox person, which is NOT surprising.. many, though thankfully not all, have engaged in anti-Modern and National Israel behavior for years! Not to mention the EO’s mess of Supersessionalism in their theology and interpretation. Note too the EO are NOT biblical in their loss of Pauline Imputation! Very sad again!

    *I have learned the hard way there is little benefit to debate with Anti-Zionist people!

    • People should note too, that I have been basically friendly with certain groups in the EO! I basically agree with their monotheistic Trinitarianism, but not always some of their Traditionalism!

      • WE are surely staring at the Eschatological End, but only true biblical Christians can see this! Btw note the piece on the blog-roll “Anti-Zionism”!

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