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Operation Linebacker II, (Dec. 1972).

March 13, 2019

Lest we forget, beyond doubt these air attacks by the American B-52’s, supported by the American Navy and Marine Aircraft, helped get the American POW’s out of Nam and the ‘Hanoi-Hilton’, later. Not to mention the earlier (1970) Raid on the Son Tay Prison, lead and flown by the American Air Force Special Forces Aircraft (two C-130’s and 5 Super Jolly Green Giant HH-53’s, with one smaller HH-3 Jolly Green) to insert the 52 Green Berets. All 52 went in and all 52 came out, with all Aircraft but the lead HH-3 Jolly Green which made the landing (controlled crash-landing) inside the camp!  This surely changed life for the American POW’s for the better (though they we not in the Prison at Son Tay in the Raid when the Green Berets came), as the Vietnamese after put them all together in the ‘Hanoi-Hilton’ (from 13 prisons) after the Son Tay Raid. And of course later they were all released in 1973!

*My own personal feelings, are thank God for President Nixon!  He okayed both the Son Tay Raid, and of course Operation Linebacker II. My own belief too, is that had America lead by Nixon had keep-up the B-52 Bombings, America might have even won the Vietnam War, if not gotten to some kind of stalemate perhaps? But, this history of the Vietnam War should never be forgotten, with the American personal costs for this War against Communism, etc.


Semper Fi!


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