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“Barth’s Desk”

Note, in the picture of Barth’s desk, is that worn little Bible… Yes, Barth read his Bible!The desk of Karl Barth!

  1. Barth “mis” read his Bible… 😉

    • Well, strictly Barth misinterpreted it in places, but he read his Bible! More than I can say for many modern and now postmodern people, and sadly this even includes some so-called evangelical’s today also.

      • Btw, don’t “judge” Barth’s doctrine of Natural so-called theology, it is perhaps in some regard tighter than most modern so-called Calvinist’s! Brunner was something of a Calvinist, but he held to a form of man’s likeness to God: “man’s undestroyed formal likeness to God is the objective possibility of the revelation of God.” Of course I agree more with Barth’s “nein” to Natural Theology!

        I bet you have not read much Barth either? I have had the great privilege of reading Barth’s whole CD once in my life, (14 volumes with index)! And it took me well over a year of reading labor! And yes, I was much younger then! 😉 But, I still have Barth’s CD, and often refer to it! And whether we like it or not, Barth is within the family of the Reformed! He is surely a modern Church Father type!

        *Btw jm, please take the time to read my wee piece on Grunewal’s Crucifixion picture, which hung over Barth’s desk! Both Barth and Brunner were very profound theolog’s! Not perfect, but both surely central in the 20th century Reformed and Reformational theology! WE Reformed only are only dwarfed if we don’t read these two giants!

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