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John Frame, on Scripture & Theology

“Technical theology does not represent anything deeper or more authoritative than the biblical canon itself. On the contrary, technical theology always sacrifices some biblical meaning to make some biblical points more vivid to the reader. That sacrifice is not wrong. We must sacrifice something in our teaching, since we cannot say everything at once. But we must never assume that a theological system will teach us anything more than Scripture itself. Theology is application, not discovery of some new teaching.” – John Frame, Scripture & Theology (Quote from the book: Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, P&R, 1987)

*I would consider John Frame to be one of my most certain theological mentor’s today!  Note, he too uses the term “Neo-Calvinist” for his own place and teaching!  See his book: Systematic Theology, An Introduction To Christian Belief, (2013, P&R, over 12,00 pages). This is Frame’s latest and certainly a major work of Christian Systematic’s Reformed, at the end of each chapter, (52 of them, and with 12 parts or sections and headings, he gives Key Terms and Study Questions: with Memory Verses, and then Resources for Further Study). With a short foreword by J.I. Packer, as a host of other theolog’s and pastor’s, who have given short blurb’s.

  1. I should note however that I quite depart from Frame on Eschatology! As I have written, Reformed Eschatology is not much different than Catholicism on the subject, i.e. both follow “supersessionism” almost to the letter! I am much more towards the so-called Historical Premillennialism, with even a moderate dispensational scheme, noting 1 Cor. 10: 32! And also something of the PD, Progressive Dispensationalism. The Holy Spirit in the historical life of the visible Church is still unfolding this “schema”, and it will not be functionally understood until the time of almost the very END! But, we are closing some on that time surely! As the great Gentile Apostasy abounds in the West, and the historical life of the Church! Myself, I don’t see how any true “theolog” can not see this? But then this is all biblically and spiritually understood!

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