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St. Augustine

Augustine is perhaps the greatest Western Father, and with him as have been said, are “a series of footnotes to Plato”. He is certainly the first “Augustinian”.  He also has affected both the Catholic Church and the Reformation, as too both Luther and Calvin, who are certainly Augustinians. And at least his books, the City of God, De Trinitate (The Trinity), and The Confessions, should be read by every Christian theolog, and pastor-teacher!




  1. Irene permalink

    Hello Fr Robert,
    FYI, it seems your web address that is attached to your name at Pen and Parchment is missing the “.com”. It doesn’t work to click on your name. When you mentioned a blog, I had to google Irish Anglican to find it.

    • Irene: I am not much of a computer guy! And my own blogging is kinda hit and miss. As you can see I am an old “theolog” type. Btw, I got my first degree, a BA in philosophy from a R. Catholic college (English).

      Thanks to look up an old Irishman! 😉

      Fr. Robert 🙂

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